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Surfing Witches Rock in Costa Rica

Surfers are happily found in many areas of Costa Rica. You’ve read about Costa Rica’s surf breaks in magazines and seen the beautiful beaches in movies.

If you were to come here and meet a group of 5 surfers, I’d bet at least 4 of them would know of and recommend that you visit the famous Witch’s Rock. This is quite possibly the very best surf spot in the country!

The movie Endless Summer 2 was filmed at this site, located in Santa Rosa National Park on Costa Rica’s Pacific side. In some seasons it is possible to drive a 4×4 there, but usually mud and mosquitos make this trek at best uncomfortable and at worst impossible.

Since you probably don’t want to take this risk of getting stuck in the jungle and eaten alive by bugs it would be better to take a boat taxi from Playas del Coco. This can be arranged from any of the surf shops or the surf camp. Sharing the boat with others is advisable to reduce the cost.

For accommodations you have a number of options. You may want to camp on the beach (bring everything because there is absolutely nowhere to get supplies or water), sleep at a hostel in Coco or Tamarindo, or stay at Witches Rock Surf Camp. Surf board rentals are available in these popular Costa Rican surf spots.

At Witch’s Rock you will enjoy consistent waves, where beginners can stand and advanced surfers can enjoy the more challenging rights and lefts caused by the estuary. This remote and beautiful surf only spot is best during high tide.

If you are looking for discounts at Witches Rock for Dining or Surfing Get Your Costa Rica After Dark Card for only $10  for Discounts at over 35 businesses in the Guancaste Area. See Discounts Here. 

By Kerry La

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