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Surf Girls in Bikinis & Costa Rica Weekend Surf Report- March 4th & 5th

Costa Rica News – (Surf Report March 4th & 5th) – We are going to give you the surf forecast for Costa Rica and we have our beautiful pictures of girls in bikinis.  There is going to be fun size waves rolling in on the Pacific side of Costa Rica and Caribbean side will be some smaller sets. We have also added surf video from Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.

North Costa Rica & Central Costa Rica & South Costa Rica Forecast for the Pacific

FRIDAY: SSW swell is building early with shoulder-head high+ surf, sets are running a couple feet+ overhead at standouts by sundown.

WEATHER/WIND: Diurnal wind pattern; light/variable wind in the early to mid mornings (depending on location), before a light to moderate onshore sea-breeze gradually develops over the late morning/afternoons (a little stronger for some areas, lighter for others).

Friday 03/04 – 3-4ft+ waist to shoulder high occ. 5ft – SW swell continues. NW swell fades.

Saturday 03/05 

Video of the Surf at Playa Hermosa – Equipment From Reel Cameras

Caribbean Costa Rica Forecast

Small short period wind waves from the east-northeast rising slightly later in the next few days. Light and variable west-southwest winds with smooth seas until Friday. Small short period wind waves from the east-northeast holding during the early part of next week. Light and variable west winds later and switching to the east-northeast.

Friday 03/04 – 3-4ft  – Knee to shoulder – Small short period wind waves from the east-northeast holding during the day. Light and variable west-southwest winds and switching to the east.

Saturday 03/05  – 5

And Now…….Surf Girls in Bikinis (Well Some of Them)

surf girls in bikinis 1

Two young female surfer girls walk out to the surf, Zuma California USA.

surf girls in bikinis 3

surf girls in bikinis 4

surf girls in bikinis 5

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