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Stupid Things Gringos do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News -Costa Rican frustrations can be found most days while living in Costa Rica.  In many instances these daily run ins cannot be avoided…..going to the bank, fighting Costa Rica traffic, people not doing things they promised, or the tardiness of people for appointments, but somethings gringos living in Costa Rica being on themselves.

Below is a list of some of the stupid things gringos do in Costa Rica.stupid costa rica gringos

  1. Paying for a house that’s not built yet, and without an English speaking attorney of his own to help with the official paperwork- or notice that the paperwork is not official!
  2. Putting his new girlfriend, who is little more than a stranger, as an executive for his business or on the deed to his house or car.
  3. Re-hiring a lousy employee who already ripped him off once and never responds in a timely fashion.
  4. Bringing home a souvenir from the Del Rey for his wife- so she knows he has been at that type of bar!
  5. Having an affair and posting pictures on facebook, letting strangers take pictures of him and his other girl, and leaving a paper trail of payments to a prostitute!

I am sure you all know a lot more things you have seen people do that you laugh about……feel free to leave them in the comment section or on facebook below the article.

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One Comment;

  1. Joe de Tambor said:

    This one is done probably mostly by my fellow Californians where the pedestrian is king. *IF* there is a traffic control light at an intersection in Costa Rica, as soon as the light turns green for the gringo, he or she confidently steps into the street expecting the cross traffic to actually stop for their red light and for any cars who are making turns at that intersection to patiently wait for the pedestrian to make it across the street. The result being a funeral or a newly trained gringo who is now a much more aware pedestrian.

    There is an especially interesting intersection in San Ramon de Alajuela where the traffic light that is hung in the middle of the intersection CAN ONLY BE SEEN FROM *ONE* OF THE STREETS either by drivers or pedestrians. The OTHER CROSS STREET does NOT have a light facing in either of its directions so that drivers on that street don’t see any traffic control light. I can’t remember the name of the streets but it is the intersection that is only about 1/2 block from where you walk into the local San Ramon open air bus station where all the buses stop that you would take to go to Palmares, Sarchi, or any of the other local area towns. THAT was quite a first time experience for me. And, of course, while I was waiting for the red light to turn to green (as I would do in California) several local people were making their way around me and across the street and looking at me as if I was some crazy person waiting for a green light in order to cross a street.

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