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Stop Breeding Zika Mosquitoes Costa Ricans!

Costa Rica News – Sanitary orders were sent to another 122 households for having mosquito breeding sites.

aedes-mosquito-zika virusThis is part of a health operative to combat the zika virus, dengue and chikungunya.

So far there have been 159 zika patients, 1,587 chikungunya ones, and 9,144 with dengue.

Health operatives visited 400,000 homes and eliminated 568,000 breeding sites. Additionally, the Ministry of Health are regularly spraying at risk areas.

The 122 sanitary orders are a way to involve the public in cleaning up garbage on their properties that can become breeding sites for mosquitoes.

This year to date, 432 of these orders have been given to homes and another 310 to municipalities, businesses, tire shops, hotels, factories and other businesses. They have a certain amount of time to comply or can be brought to court for disobedience.

Six pregnant women in the country have contracted the virus. The risk of complications, such as microcephaly, are greater if the infection happens within the first three months of the pregnancy.

Four of the six women are in high risk control in CCSS hospitals.

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