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Starbucks Investing in Costa Rican Coffee

Costa Rica News – Everyone living in Costa Rica knew that this was going to happen sooner than later.  This large investment in Costa Rican coffee will be part of their $70 million program  to commit to ethically sourcing 100% of its coffee by the year 2015.

Starbucks coffeeStarbucks will launch a new agronomy center in Costa Rica to improve farming sustainability and provide insights into future  blends for the Seattle based company.

The center will be converted from a 240-hectare farm near the Poas Volcano. This purchase will close in May.

The farm will further Starbucks’ Coffee and Farming Equity practice (C.A.F.E.), a model that balances coffee quality with social, environmental, and economic impacts. The center will also look into soil management processes and how it may affect future coffee varietals, or blends, for the Starbucks brand image. Researchers are also interested in how the farm’s varied elevation may affect responsible growing practices.

The new Costa Rican facility will hope to help Starbucks achieve its goal to directly improve farmer livelihoods and a long-term supply of high-quality coffee for the industry.

If you are already craving the $5 a cup Starbucks’ coffee, why not brew it in your own home for a fraction of the price.  Costa Rica’s Coffee of the Month Club has begun to deliver. Check them out here.

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