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Spread Your Wings and Fly to the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens

Costa Rica Travel News – If you are interested in being surrounded by butterflies and stunned at facts about bugs of all sorts, the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens is a tour you can’t miss. They’ll give you an up close and personal view into the lives of various insects and arachnids.

Monteverde Butterfly GardensThere’s a rearing chamber, where you can observe the whole process of caterpillars becoming beautiful butterflies. Next comes a series of 4 gardens, each providing a unique habitat, where you can observe the butterflies and get some great photos. At the end of the tour, you can also see inside an active leafcutter ant colony.

The guides are trained well and know many facts. Our guide, Nathan, was passionate, entertaining and knowledgeable. The group offers tours in French, English and Spanish. After the tour, you can walk through the insectarium and butterfly gardens for as long as you want to. You can stick around until closing, capturing professional photos, if you’d like.

This can be a full day adventure for just $15 ($10 for students, $8 for nationals, $5 for kids ages 4-6 and free for those 3 and under). This amazing place is open everyday of the year from 8:30-4.

They’ve been in business for 20 years. They care to share info about all the misunderstood creatures with you. There are 30 butterfly species and 20 insect and arachnid species that you’ll be introduced to during your visit. Sometimes monkeys, agoutis and rare birds pass by along the grounds freely.

What’s great about this place is that they are community oriented. They hope that everyone in the town will be able to access the knowledge and tools they need to explore nature. Prices are geared at tourists in most reserves around here, so it’s hard for some locals to afford to see the amazing nature in their own backyard. The Monteverde Butterfly Gardens takes groups of local kids out once a month to experience these reserves.

They also lend binoculars and books to any member of the community who is interested. Their Monteverde Science program provides naturalist experiences to all. They take community groups our for free and have a non profit gift shop to support their community. This is a great place to buy your souvenirs and give back all at once. If you want to be involved for a longer period of time, volunteers and interns are welcome.

Contact Info:

Phone: 2645-5512




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