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Spain’s Telepizza Coming to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Telepizza is a successful franchise in Spain. They have 1,200 locations worldwide and employ over 25,000 people. They are planning to bring their delicious pizza to Costa Rica. The menu is expansive. It’s not just another pizza place. They make specialty pies we haven’t seen before, like a Japanese teriyaki one.

Telepizza 1This may not be easy, as Domino’s Pizza had to shut down once again in the country.

It was replaced by Papa John’s. Pizza Hut has also had difficulty in Costa Rica. Pizza Hut operates 55 locations in Costa Rica. This year, their employee association went broke. Some of the employees had over $10,000 saved in the association.

The lack of success for these brands could be due to the expensive cost. My last Pizza Hut bill was nearly $40 for two people. Local chains and pizza joints like Monster Pizza sell slices three times larger than the average slice for only $4.

Domino’s lovers are missing the brand. I don’t know anyone who likes Papa John’s. It will probably go under, too.  Pizza Hut employees are hoping that the liquidation of assets, including a home in La Sabana and a farm in Turrucares, will get them some of their savings back.

Let’s hope Telepizza does better for the clients and employees.

Just what we need….more fast food in Costa Rica.


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