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Spain’s Museo de Prado Will Exhibit in San Jose

Pieces of the exhibitions at Museo Del Prado will be available for all Costa Ricans to admire in San Jose, starting October 21st.

museo-de-prado-spain-san-jose-costa-rica-1Thanks to the agreement between the museum and the Spanish Agency for International Development (AECID), more than 60 reproductions of some of world’s most famous paintings will be exhibited in the Chino neighborhood.

The art exhibition includes work replications of Durero, Poussin and Rembrandt. Las Meninasde by Velázquez, Saturno devouring his son, La Trinidad by El Greco are some of the historic pieces expected to be feature in the exhibition. Italian work of Caravaggio, Botticelli, Rafael and Tiziano are also part of the Cultural Center of Spain and Spain Embassy in Costa Rica cultural efforts.

Spain’s ambassador in Costa Rica, Jesús M. Rodríguez-Andía expressed that the people who have never visited Museo Del Prado will have the opportunity to appreciate the work on display at the museum in Spain in the comfort of their country.

The mayor of San Jose, Johnny Araya talked about the exhibition stating that a city without art is a city without culture, and this helps strengthen the soul. He also mentioned there will be cameras and security grading the paintings as an effort to avoid vandalism.

The idea for collaboration and exhibition came about in 2011 when the Dominican Republic did something similar and partnered with Museo Del Prado and since then several of the neighbor countries have joined the initiative, this will be the first time for Costa Rica exhibits such historic and international art collection.

By Brenda Sotelo

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