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Sore Loser Johnny Araya Withdraws From Presidential Race

Costa Rica News – Have you ever been around an individual sport like tennis where someone is being beaten and instead of continuing to try to win they just throw their hands in the air in an act of surrender?  That is what PLN candidate Johnny Araya did today.

johnny arayaAraya, the PLN party candidate, said he would no longer campaign for the presidency even though under the constitution of Costa Rica his name will remain on the ballot for the April 6th Run-Off. The move pretty much guarantees victory for  Luis Guillermo Solis, who emerged as the surprise front-runner in February elections.

Araya said he had taken the decision after polls showed voters wanted a change of government.

He was being soundly beat in the polls that were being taken and instead of trying to at least put in an effort to win he said that it was obvious the country wanted a change in leadership and threw up his hands in defeat.

Well you know what thank goodness he withdrew, who wants to be led by a person that resigns from an election and someone that will not continue to fight even when possibly down and out.


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