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Some Fun Costa Rica Rainy Season Activities

Costa Rica News – During rainy or green season in Costa Rica, you get used to having wet socks in the afternoon if you plan on running errands between the hours of about 1 and 4 pm, depending on when God decides to throw down a nice afternoon shower in Costa Rica to cool things down and turn everything green.

costa rica rainy season activities“Aguacero” is a Costa Rican Spanish word meaning an incredibly heavy rain. “Pelo de gato” means a misty type of rain. If you come to Costa Rica between the months of May and November you are sure to hear these words. It will definitely rain during your stay. This rainy “green” season is nonetheless a nice time to visit because prices are lower and there are unique advantages and attractions at this time of year.

Your trip will probably start in the capital, San Jose. Bring some rain boots and walk the straight forward downtown area. Avenida Central runs the length of the city and includes the central market and a market for crafts and souvenirs. Museums and the national theater are near the Plaza de la Cultura. At night check out a bar or club in Los Yoses or at El Pueblo.

A great rain friendly activity tour is white water rafting. You are going to get wet whether it rains or not. The Pacuare River is higher and thus more fun during this season. You can ride class 3 and 4 rapids. Don’t worry if you have never tried rafting before. You will have a guide and training provided. The same goes for surfing if you have the huevos to grab your board during a downpour you will most likely get your pick of which ever wave you want in the set.

Tortuguero is a nice place to visit during the rainy season in the Northern Caribbean. It’s the only nesting ground for green sea turtles in the hemisphere. On the drive here you will pass a rainforest where “Jurassic Park” was filmed. On the way and in Tortuguero keep an eye out for sloths, monkeys, and lizards that walk on water. Book a turtle tour to see giant sea turtles nesting or baby ones hatching and running into the sea.

Believe it or not, the reduced prices and fewer crowds make green season in Costa Rica a great time to take the trip to the land of Pura Vida…… taking an afternoon nap with the mixed sound of the ocean and rain can be a great way to spend a couple hours of your afternoon before experiencing the Costa Rica nightlife with a well rested body and cooler night air.

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