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Some Already Thinking of Moving to Costa Rica if Hillary Clinton Wins

Costa Rica News – This will not be the last of the people thinking of changing countries if Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 presidential election, but the same is true of those that are relocating if Donald Trump wins.

roger-stone-costa ricaDonald Trump supporter Roger Stone would move to Costa Rica if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

“If Hillary wins, we’re done as a nation. We’ll be overrun by hordes of young Muslims, like Germany and France, raping, killing, violating, desecrating,” Stone said in an interview with the Financial Times.

“If Hillary wins, there will be widespread unrest, civil disobedience, badly divided government in which half the country believes she, her daughter, and her husband belong in prison. There’ll be no goodwill. No honeymoon. There will be systematic inspection of all of her actions because someone who has been a crook in the past will be a crook in the future. It will be sad. I’ll probably be forced to move to Costa Rica.”

Stone left Trump’s campaign last year, citing the controversies distracting attention away from the platform.

Stone is known for making controversial remarks. He was banned from CNN in February for tweeting sexist, racist comments about two of the network’s on-air personalities. He is also banned from MSNBC.

By Jesse Hellman, The Hill

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