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Social Help App Created By Costa Ricans Get’s Shark Tank Financing

Costa Rica News – Social Help is a Costa Rican application that is being supported by an investor from the Discovery Channel hit show Shark Tank.

social help app costa ricaThe app was featured on the show and was even brought to the White House.

It has two components. There is a digital platform in which professional volunteers can be mentors to children living in group homes run by the National Children’s Trust. This part features video messaging and games.

The other part allows people to buy minutes to be attended to via video conference by a physician or psychologist. Gabriela Umaña was the one responsible for submitting the application to the White House and the panel of investors.

Three people were involved in creating the app, Anton Zamora, Gabriela Umaña and Edén Galán.

Mark Cuban chose to invest in them. He gave them contacts and virtual work sessions.

Anton stated that “In Costa Rica…we can create and provide solutions that work in the world.”

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