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Snorkeler Find Skeleton Party Underwater (Video)

World News – The scene is more “Weekend at Bernie’s” and less Ouija board seance, but two fake skeletons relaxing in armchairs on the bed of the Colorado River initially had Arizona authorities diving to find human remains.

A snorkeler first spotted the skeletons near a boat launch in Cienaga Springs and alerted authorities of possible human remains around 10:00 a.m. on Monday.

La Paz County Sheriff deputies and the Buckskin Fire Department responded to the call and sent a diver down with a video camera to inspect the scene.

“When firefighter Foerstner located the alleged remains, he found it to be an underwater tea party with two fake skeletons sitting in lawn chairs,” the sheriff’s department said in a statement.

One skeleton is seen in the video sporting aviator sunglasses and what might be a bib.

The other is holding a sign that is not completely legible under the river sediment, but includes the word “Bernie” and the phrase “Dream in the River.”

The sign also contains what might prove to be an important clue as to who placed the skeletons there, a date: August 16, 2014.

—Richie Duchon,

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