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Smile Ticos! Costa Rica Happiness Level is at 85.5%

Costa Rica News – Costa Ricans are generally happy. It is probably us grumpy gringos that bring this happiness level down.

happy costa rican peopleThe first Gross National Happiness study showed that the national happiness level is 85.5 percent. Key aspects of life leading Ticos to be so happy are many.

Costa Ricans named topics like health, natural resources, ecological diversity, high standard of life, government performance, cultural identity and community life among the reasons for being so joyful.

The test used was first developed in Bhutan in 1972. It has a total of 31 indicators along nine themes. The theme that was rated highest in Costa Rica was the ecological diversity, with 92 percent.

1,285 people aged 15-75 were interviewed for the study. It found that women are slightly happier than men and that Heredia is the happiest province. Areas for improvement included participation in community activities and weaknesses in the government.

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