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Simon Bolivar Zoo in Costa Rica to Get Some New Guests

Costa Rica News – Just a little while after Costa Rica said it would be shutting down its zoos, they will actually be adding additional animals. 

ocelot costa rica 1The Simon Bolivar Zoo in San Jose is about to get some new inhabitants, much larger than the ones it currently has.

A jaguar, an ocelot and some raccoon will soon be there to stay.

These new species require large open spaces. They will be decorated in a way the involves bringing in elements similar to their natural habitats. The environment to be created for them will be rich in diversity and vegetation.

The goal is to lessen the impacts caused by captivity. Towards that same goal, windows will be placed so that visitors can observe them without causing any disruption.

The new enclosures are part of an ongoing renovation made by Pro Zoological Foundation.

Next year, in July, the zoo will celebrate its centennial anniversary. Before that the remodel will be completed with a lagoon to shelter crocodiles and turtles in separate areas.

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