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Should Costa Rica Worry About Nicaragua Buying Russian Tanks?

Costa Rica News – There has always been a bit of tension between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, but this recent purchase has the army-less Costa Rica on its toes.

nicaragua russian tanks 1Manuel Gonzalez, the Chancellor of Costa Rica has expressed doubts regarding Nicaragua’s purchase of 50 Russian tanks as part of an $80 million weapon investment plan.

Costa Rica is not threatened, says Gonzalez, as its weapons of defense are in international law and not war weapons, however, Costa Rica respects Nicaragua’s right to buy any weapons it feels are necessary.

Still, the country is concerned because it potentially affects the whole of Central America.

Additionally, Gonzalez points out that there are other needs Nicaragua should focus on such as education, healthcare, poverty and immigration.

The war we should fight doesn’t need tanks rather technology, infrastructure, schools and health clinics.

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