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Shipwrecked for Over 440 Miles, 3 Men Rescued Off Coast of Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Two Ecuadorian men and a Colombian man survived for days in the Pacific Ocean, 440 nautical miles from Puntarenas, in waist-deep water.

shipwreck 1They had departed Ecuador on March 20 to fish.

Later they encountered strong winds and waves sank their ship in seconds. They passed many difficult moments.

They clung to a small boat that they found floating upside down.

Captain Wilson Ismael Araya found them and had a hunch to help. He gave them food and water and brought them to Puntarenas.

This is the second time the sailor helped shipwrecked people. Six years ago he found people 1,000 nautical miles from Cabo Blanco.

The Coast Guard and immigration met the ship yesterday at 5 am when it arrived in Puntarenas.

They are beginning the process of investigation and helping the men get home.

Photo From La Nacion


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