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Shipping a Vehicle To Costa Rica? 15 Years Old Might Soon Be the Age Limit

Costa Rica News – For those thinking of shipping a car to Costa Rica then the laws may change very soon for what age vehicle you are able to import.

costa rica shipping vehicle 1Most people that ship a vehicle to Costa Rica ship older cars due to the fact that taxes are quite high on the newer vehicles based on the value of the import.

The Costa Rican government is taking aim at cars over 15 years old. They want them off the road. These cars surpass the manufacturer’s’ emissions guarantee by at least three times. The average car on the roads in the country is 16 years old.

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There must be some way to regulate emissions and air quality but I wonder if it is really necessary to put an age limit on cars. The transportation sector, however, is responsible for 54% of the carbon emissions, with 41% of that figure coming from private cars.

In the United States and Europe there are high standards and advanced emissions certificates. These countries believe that making this a priority leads to cleaner air and subsequently health benefits.

The United Nations Convention on Climate Change is committed to reducing 50% of carbon emissions in participating countries by 2050.

Their is a program since 2015 in Costa Rica by which one can get credit to change an old car for a more efficient one.

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