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Sex Education Being Introduced to Students in Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica – Although Costa Rica is a Catholic society is becoming more and more necessary to educate the children about sex and the decisions they are making, especially with the huge problem of teenage pregnancy in Costa Rica. Starting next school year students in seventh, eighth and ninth grade, see pages about sex education. I just wonder if that is too late in most cases in Costa Rica.

The Higher Education Council approved last night, the curricula for sexuality, which is covered in a weekly lesson in the subject of Sciences.

The class will take over the science teacher and the school counselor.

Leornardo Garnier, Minister of Education, explained that the matter is not limited to the explanation of contraception and reproductive health, but also includes aspects of affection for students to learn to accept themselves as they are, and to respect others. Therefore, it will motivate students to tolerate sexual orientations of their peers.

Good relevant sex education provides knowledge, knowledge is information, and information is confidence. It has been noticed that well-informed children on male and female Anatomy handle puberty better than the uninformed ones. Sex education affects a child’s attitude positively.

Later, although it has not determined when they will also be discussed such content in primary school.

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    A society that is highly sexual at a very young age here. Just look at the 12 year old girl dressing like a hooker walking downtown with I suspect her mother. Every Christmas season I see the neighborhood boys talking to the girls though their gates. By March you see some of these girls very young pregnant. Again, the cycle repeats itself the following year. I taught sex ed for the Boys 13yrs to 16 yrs. When it came to the condom not one could put it on correctly ( of course using a prop), Knowing when to with drawl and keep it on etc well you get the picture. At the Caja they give out the injection every 3 months and sell at most pharmacy’s the birth control pills. You wonder why so many young girls PG! Oh my daughter would never do that. Right! 7th grade too late however it is a start.

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