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Sex As a Job Skill Needed For Employment in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – How would you like it if you had a better chance of getting a job if you performed sexual favors? In Costa Rica this might be a requirement at the Del Rey Hotel but not normally in a professional work environment. 

sex work scam costa ricaA young woman, Fernanda Badilla, age 22, was looking for work in her field, journalism, on and she ended up getting sexual offers from someone claiming to be an employer.

For a few minutes, Sebastian Altamirano of Rppt Solutions S.A. told her about jobs with Radical Business Group. He mentioned high salaries and that there were over 50 people interested in the positions.

The tone then got sexual, with him suggesting that they meet in a motel. He offered an “advance on wages” and help in getting the desired position. The companies in question are not registered.

She played along to see how far it would get but refused to send him photos. She then made the conversation public and filed a complaint with the Judicial Investigation Organization. Another woman claimed to be victimized by the same person.

sex as job requirement

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