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Seven Shadows – Swords of the Tarot

Tarot Card Readings – Swords represent putting thoughts into motion. This is also recognized as an air sign quality. The swords can be compared to spades, in a regular game of playing cards. In whatever precept they enter into, it signifies a materialization of logic, reached productively.

We manifest everything that is around us with intent and ambition. When our emotions are involved, things can get complicated and great mistakes made. The swords speak to us to be smart, skillful and precise. We fight the shadows with the light of truth and we hold onto all we ever knew.

Let me explain the popular meanings to the swords, in a deck of tarot cards. These concepts can be applied to any aspect of life, which is currently being experienced. Gaining a spiritual understanding of our purpose and healing through the choices which fate delivers, is oftentimes confusing. Go with simplicity and take a stand for logic;

The ace of swords in a deck of tarot, symbolizes an intelligent person, whom has successfully brought to life ideas and plans through hard work and dedication. This card suggests an accomplishment that will bring about good fortune and positive energy. This is an omen of clarity.

When this card is flipped, it indicates an unbalanced mind. We may be acting unclearly, indecisively and without proper intention and manifestation. Be careful to accept what is reality and what ideas need to be disposed of.

The two of swords is a denial of the truth. It is hard to accept what is right in front of us but, with realization, we can overcome the fragments of fantasy and bring about a positive future. Do not avoid the issues at hand, instead deal with them right away, to clear the path ahead.

Reversed, this symbolizes a mental block which is causing confusion.There is an inability to trust our intuition and abilities. Have confidence and know that everything will go as planned, maybe not by us, yet by a higher purpose.

The three of swords is an omen of depression and heartache. Sometimes we can be unnecessarily harsh on ourselves. This can cause anxiety and insecurities. Trust in the imperfection of humankind. It is ok to feel like we can improve ourselves but, it is not ok to beat ourselves up.Let’s try to encourage ourselves to be better, instead of the punishment, there is no need to endure.

Three reversed equals disappointments. This can be a tough time, yet things will always get better when we allow ourselves time to heal. Do not get lost in a moment but speculate with the whole picture in mind.

This card represents a need for mental healing. This can easily be done with meditation, exercise and plenty of sleep. Take time away from what is causing stress and enjoy being alive. Relax your heart and soul with something that brings joy. Release the tension so that we may be at full force.

This card reversed suggests that if we don’t stop to listen to our bodies, they may break down before we can plan for the rest. Get plenty of sleep and pay special attention to the dreams that we have, while we are out. Work through the dreams in waking life to better understand how to move on.

The five of swords is a suggestion of being selfish. Perhaps we are not paying attention to how we are affecting those that are around us and only care of our own needs and thoughts. Try to communicate with others effectively to understand the situation better without giving up loving ourselves to do that or belittling anyone else.


Perhaps we are spending too much time and energy on something that is ultimately destructive. What good is there in hurting someone else mentally? There is only one path for each of us and we should not concern ourselves with any other. Remain focused on what really matters.

This is the calm before (or after) the storm. Sometimes the most dangerous waters are those that we are treading within us. Make sure that we do not mentally drain ourselves. If we have just come out of a tense situation, it signals that peace of mind is up ahead, for a short while. If we have not been having tough luck lately, it may mean that there is some, soon to come.

Seek guidance and protection. Find comfort in reliable people and situations. Clear the mind. Find a new passion and follow that, until we center ourselves and realize everything we are experiencing is in our head! Seek refuge in others. Get a clear perspective.


The seven of swords is a signal that someone with dishonest intentions has their eyes in our direction. Be vigilant in protecting your mind and heart from a vicious attack. No one can take over the strength we have, unless we let them. So, let’s work our best to become the best we can, so no one can tear us down.

Be on guard against anyone that could come to steal the happiness. Stay true to who we are and be happy, no matter what the situation is. No one can hurt us, unless we let them. So, remember to keep your mind sharp and be confident, in the event of some shade being cast.


The eight of swords indicates that we feel bound and we are only restricted by our own self imposed restrictions. We have the power to accomplish what we desire; nothing can hold us back except our own minds. Don’t let the power of misery, overcome the power of love. Heal and move forward.

This card in reverse is a good sign that we have accepted accountability for our feelings and that we are able to move on without experiencing any more of these negative behavior problems. We will not let our environment, determine who we are. Rather, we will let it strengthen us until we can overcome.

The nine of swords recognizes the guilt and shame that we carry from our mistakes. These immoral actions that we may have acted on and then grown and learned from are still holding us back with a nightmarish control.We know that we are better than our mistakes and so we choose to let go of these burdens with love to move forward.

Voice the truth and do not be afraid of someone that may be trying to steal ideas, honor and telling lies about us. Be the protector of special dreams and talents, never letting anyone interfere in the way.No one can take over, unless we let them. Be assertive.

The ten of swords is a sign that the worst is over. The death of the old way of thinking will lead to a fresh perspective. Find the willpower to succeed with a new idea. Go after the things that are left undiscovered, to find the inspiration to be great. There is a new chapter in life beginning.

Things may be complicated but, it is sure to pass. When we are working at our best is when everything feels challenging. Trust in the fact that hard work does pay off and believe in the future because the sweat and tears it takes to build our dreams, is cleansing us of the past and making us even stronger.

The page of swords indicates a pure way of thinking that is filled with excitement and wonder. Know that things will go our way, especially when we display a positive attitude about the whole situation. No one can bring us down in our innocent royal quests because the adventure will fill our hearts with magick.


The page card reversed tells that we are being foolish. Perhaps just simply thinking that we may accomplish something is not enough. We need to get a fuller understanding of what we are seeking. Don’t get lost in fantastic ideals that will only disappoint, in the end.


The knight of swords is a symbol for nobility and thoughts turned into action. This suggests that if we take time to conquer the world in honesty, we will certainly be honored for our good deeds. The knight gives in easily to movements of grandeur so, with the proper determination, we can reach our goals.

Knight of swords reversed is a warning to stay diligent in your tasks.Do not become distracted because the success achieved can always be undermined. Do not take it easy; keep working hard because there is more opportunity that is coming soon and also competition ahead.


The queen of swords is an intelligent leader, who does not depend on her emotions to make choices in her life. She makes fair and logical decisions based on fact and reason. She does not give in to pity, sadness or joy. She will not be distracted by a good time or persuasion.She is fair in her dealings and realistic.

The queen of swords reversed indicates that we may be being too cold, heartless and insulting. We may be out of focus with anything positive right now. We may be too detached. Try to enjoy the people and situations around, without having to judge every little thing. Too much analyzing can cause complication with any situation.

The king of swords is the expert in intellectual matters. He is the ultimate source of knowledge and holds great power. He has mastered all of the mystery and finds glory in giving his help to those who need his aide. Seek out advice in this situation from someone that has the experience.

This card upside down tells us that there is a very powerful force around us that is controlling and out of touch with reality. Do the best to get out of the grips of someone that may be telling us how to think and feel due to their superior position. Sometimes we do know what’s best for us, despite what others may say. Choose freedom of expression.

Swords of the Tarot

So then, we are lead, one foot by one, to the door of death to become someone else, again and again. We fight the heart and go on to a better day, knowing that we can’t always find the way. Seek the advice of the mind, do not give in to the passion of time and breathe greatness with the mighty kings who delivered us, into this life.

Where does the shadow come from and why does it cause me to feel? I fear the darkness yet, logic tells me that mystery is unreal. It exists in all forms, not just here. Do we become the being that fights with courage, pain or love? Focus on the holiness, which we are all apart of…glowing as one planet… who is shielding us from the eternal night, bleeding…breathing…with light and blood…

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Metaphysical Researcher and Author

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