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Senior & Retiree Travel in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News – Costa Rica offers various activities for active seniors in groups and those traveling privately. You may choose digital photography walking tours, educational museums, or volunteer day activities. There are botanical gardens to explore, rain forest animals to encounter, kids who will value your help, and holiday festivals to experience with the locals.

senior travel costa ricaAlways ask for senior discounts. The country’s policies, both official and unofficial, favor seniors. You will always be offered a seat on the bus and sometimes be allowed to cut long lines. If you are retired and have flexibility in terms of when to travel, try the green season for the lowest prices on hotels and activities.

Pack lightly (think ONE rolling suitcase) as it’s hard to move from location to location with a lot of bags. Buses often limit the number of bags you can take. Include lightweight layers and all of your medications. Make a list of your prescriptions in case anything gets lost. Pharmacies almost always have an English speaking representative.

Traveling with an organized tour group takes the stress out of planning. If you want to travel on your own schedule you may rent a car if you are under 75 years of age or you may hire a private driver. Buses are an inexpensive alternative. Domestic flights can be used if you don’t like the idea of spending hours in a car or bus.

Wildlife watching is a main activity for most senior citizens. You can see quetzals in Monteverde, whales in Ballena National Marine Park, or turtles and sloths in Tortuguero.

Hiking through Manuel Antonio’s private reserves might be a good way to see a family of monkeys.

Gorgeous flora and fauna are found walking along suspension bridges in the rainforest around Arenal Volcano.

Restful activities in this area include a river float and a visit to the hot springs.

You may also enjoy a kayak tour through Tortuguero’s mangrove canal web.

Many senior tourists are also possibly looking to retire in Costa Rica.

If you want to check out a few places before spending your retirement money on a house in Costa Rica, some people decide to take a Costa Rica retirement tour.

If you are interested in a Retirement Tour Click Here to See Costa Rica Retirement Tours.

By Kerry La

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