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Semana Santa in Costa Rica Means Traditional Food

Costa Rica News – For Easter, or “Semana Santa,” families gather together to prepare traditional dishes that usually go back in time to our grandmothers’ kitchens and every year they come back to life in this special season.

Chiverre empanadasThis is part of the traditional culture of a country that is trying to go back to its roots.

In the book “Cocina Tradicional Costarricense,” the author mentions all the festivities that are usually linked to food and typical dishes and traditions that the country is trying to rescue.

Costa Rica is known for being a melting pot of cultures and traditions, something that is reflected in the food.

Chiverre empanadas, bean tamales and many corn and coconut based sweets are part of the menu for this season.

The menu combines the Spanish, African and indigenous influences that give Costa Rica a tasty variety.

Being a Catholic country, many of the traditions are religiously based and this is also a time for reflection between the celebrations like the famous processions that have been integral to this season along with the traditional food.


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