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Semana Santa Costa Rica; Be Careful in the Water

Costa Rica News – It’s been said that Easter Week is the most dangerous season in Costa Rica. There has already been one reported death.

Everyone heads to the beaches and too many swim where they shouldn’t.

31 beaches in the country are considered the most dangerous due to riptides, animals, river mouths and lack of lifeguards and signs.

Tamarindo, Montezuma, Cahuita and Puerto Vargas are among the dangerous ones.

Those with the lowest risk include Puntarenas, Manzanillo, Mantas, Coco, Piñuela, Potrero, Cuajiniquil and Bolaños. A total of 92 beaches were classified on a risk map put out by several universities and the ICT, CNE and the National Guard.

The Red Cross is using extra volunteers during this season, but still the authorities ask people to be cautious.

Watch your children as they swim, avoid dangerous beaches and try not to swim while under the influence.

These tips might reduce this year’s tragedies.

Look at the Map Below.



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