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Scuba Diving Among Costa Rica’s Sunken Shipwrecks (Video)

Costa Rica Travel – Costa Rica has a few gems hidden under the sea, shipwrecks that divers can see. These areas are known for supporting coral growth that attracts fish and sharks.

The sites also attract history buffs and those looking for adventure.

While some shipwrecks are too deep for divers to reach and others get broken to pieces by waves, there are a number that are intact and not less than 120 feet deep, meaning you can dive to them without special precautions.

The best wrecks to dive to are in Cahuita, Limón, Playas del Coco, and Montezuma/Tortuga Island. Tortuga Island/Montezuma is the only area in all of Central America with three wrecks to explore.

If you’re short on time, hit Cahuita, where there are two wrecks in the same national park. One is just 6 meters under the surface. Cahuita also has some of the best coral and tropical fish.

After the dive you can enjoy some Caribbean nightlife.

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