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Schools Cancel Classes for Rest of Week Due to Mayan Calendar Predictions

Well if the world does not end on the 21st of December then some students are going to get a a nice little vacation before their Christmas vacation.  I guess mid-terms are going to be delayed until after the meteors. 

Schools in mostly Lapeer, Genesee have canceled classes for the rest of the week due to rumors of potential threats.

The Millington Community School District in Tuscola County, the Marlette Community School District in Sanilac County and Monroe Public Schools have also canceled classes for the rest of the week “due to recent events”–as stated on their websites.

A letter on the Chatfield School’s Website was posted late Wednesday:

Dear Chatfield Families,

We apologize for the late email, but we need to share some important information with you regarding all schools in Lapeer County. The decision was  made by the Lapeer County School Districts to cancel all classes and extracurricular activities on Thursday Dec. 20 and Friday, Dec. 21. Because the entire
county is cancelling classes, The Chatfield School must also cancel classes for Thursday, Dec. 20 and Friday, Dec. 21.

The decision to cancel classes is not an easy one. After the recent events in Connecticut, there have been numerous rumors circulating in neighboring  districts about potential threats of violence against students.

Additional rumors  about the Mayan calendar predictions and related violence have caused significant disruptions in several Lapeer County Schools. These rumors have been thoroughly investigated and determined to be false. We are pleased to report  that at Chatfield there have been absolutely no threats of violence and students,  staff and parents have acted admirably. In fact, we anticipate that many of our
students and staff will be disappointed that school has been closed.

Please reassure your children that treat street, reindeer, and trolley rides will be rescheduled for a date in early January. We wish you all a peaceful and joyous holiday vacation and we look forward to seeing you on Monday, January 7th ready to begin a new year of learning! 

Bill Kraly and Matt Young


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One Comment;

  1. Joe de Tambor said:

    Closing the schools was a good decision as one of the crazees might have used the Mayan Calendar myth as an excuse to attack more school children.

    I’m surprised more school districts in the U.S. have not taken the same action. It would only have added a couple more days on to the usual holiday vacation that all U.S. schools observe around the time of the Christmas holiday. And, any lost time to teach required curricula could be made up by just adding two days to the end of the school year. I’m sure a simple motion by school boards would easily pass at this time of crisis where the safety of school children is paramount.

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