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Scholarship Money for Teen Moms in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Well if you cannot stop teen pregnancy then you might as well give them money so they can go to school. I guess this is one way to avoid implementing sex education.

costa rica teen pregnancyEvery 90 minutes a baby is born to a mom aged 12-17 in Costa Rica.

The Ministry of Public Education offers scholarships to teen mothers.

To avoid classroom abandonment, 1,700 vulnerable teenage moms receive ¢100,000 a month to continue their studies.

This is a measure taken to reduce dropout rates.

Apart from the financial assistance, the mothers receive educational support, care services and a nutritional supplement. The National Children’s Trust is working together with MEP on this program, which started in 2005.

The integrated effort has successfully lowered teenage mother dropout rates.

79 schools participate. The students no longer have to go to the government for help. The schools help them get the resources needed. It’s available to students ages 10-19 facing pregnancy and maternity, poverty and health needs. The schools helping the students gets them priority for available grants.

A record of school lag and/or lack of a support system gets students even higher priority.

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