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Scam Alert! Great Fake IDs ( – Great Fakes) Is A Scam

Scams & Fraud – From time to time we put in on ourselves to find out if a website or business is a scam,  Then we write about it in order to try to not let anyone else be taken for a ride by these scammers.

great fake id scam Our review today is on Great Fakes, also know as Great Fake IDs. The URL of this bottom of the food chain scammer is

There are so many out there that want to try to get Fake IDs for one reason or another and most states in the USA are cracking down on ID makers.

We began our research by looking online for reviews of this company and found such in many place that said they were above board…..but we would soon find out differently.

One website Underground Review had them as good…… as you an see here.

We thought we would try it out and see what the results were.

The first thing we did was email the website with a question – 

I am willing to send the $110 for one of these but will I actually get it?  I am always wary of scams

The response we received was shot and to the point and of course with no name…..

read reviews about all and then make a choice.

We had read the reviews and although their are some negative ones out there the main websites promoted this website. We then told them that we would be using this as a way to drive in Costa Rica.  This was a lie but needed to give them a reason to make them think this was going to be used for something illegal.  

The first red flag are the forms of payments that this website accepts.  

We accept 3 payment methods Bitcoin, Paypal My Cash Card, or MoneyGram.

As you know with all these payment methods they allow people to use receivers to cover their tracks.  In our case we tried Moneygram.

We requested the payment info for Moneygram and received this email…..

You have requested details to pay for your order by MoneyGram.

1 - $85 is how many licenses you want to order and the cost. Simply add $25 to this for your order total to include shipping.

Visit any MoneyGram location to pay by credit card or cash. 

Our payment receiver details below:

First Name: Fayyaz
Last Name: Durrani
Country: Pakistan

Please save your receipt after you completed your Money Transfer by MoneyGram and reply to this email with the followingour-colorado-fake-id information:

Reference Number:?
Amount Sent:?
Sender's Name:?
Sender's City:
Sender's State or Providence:?
Sender's Country:?

After you have replied to this email with the above information please proceed to the order form:

More information of commonly asked questions to this email:

Why do I MoneyGram to Pakistan is that your location? No, It is a country where we have a deal with an exchanger who provides us with anonymous currency like Bitcoins for the amount of money that is being sent to them on behalf of our customers. Genuine makers of fake id will never accept payment to a location in the USA, accept paypal, or credit cards. We absolutely guarantee it will be a scam, just order and see for yourself.

If you need to find a MoneyGram location or want more details how to complete your Money Transfer in 5 minutes please visit our help page:

Do not hesitate to email us if you need any help sending us your order!


our-arizona-fake-idAs you can see this Moneygram is to be sent to Pakistan. Like they do in Costa Rica scams like the sweepstakes scam they have runners pick up these normally so the owner has deniability about the money and takes no risk…… that is pretty much what scammers do, they steal other people’s hard earned money while having no contact with the people being scammed.  

So we sent the money via Moneygram and then went to the confirmation form in which we filled out all the information.  WE even received a confirmation of our forms information on which the shipping address we provided was correct.

Now all we had to do was wait.  As per the website the ID would arrive within 10 days.  

Q: How long will shipping take?

A: We know the arrival date of your fake id can be critical to a customer when there is an event that depends on your fake id being in hand. That is why we offer our guarantee! You can rest assure that from the second you hit the submit button on the order form your IDs will be at your door in 10 days or less. Anywhere in the US you will have your order in 10 days. If we fail to meet our arrival guarantee we will refund 50% of your order by Bitcoin. We will not MoneyGram or PayPal refund even if you paid by MG/PP. Our guarantee does not apply to international orders or events out of our control with the shipper, such as a weather delay, or invalid shipping address.

After 15 days the ID still had not arrived so we began emailing the website and submitting the contact form on the website.  Great Fake IDs did not respond.  They had obtained their money and that would be the last contact they needed with the client.  Although we had stated we would write about this scam I guess they did not believe us.  

So for all those looking to get a Fake ID, do not use Great Fakes, also know as Great Fake IDs. The URL of this bottom of the food chain scammer is

Great Fake IDs ( is a SCAM! Do not give them any money as you will never see it again.  We only lost $120 but hopefully this will warm others to not send money to this scammer.  The Great Fake IDs company is a scam and you will not get an ID.


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