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Say It Isn’t So….. Costa Rica Officials Might Have To Pay For a Little Gasoline

Costa Rica News – If I was given 500 liters of gas per month for free I would love that especially in Costa Rica where gas is over $5 a gallon.  But when government owns Recope. why wouldn’t costs be pushed onto the general public.

gas prices costa rica 1The Costa Rican legislative leaders took the decision that Congress should no longer pay for gasoline used by official cars in two ways

In many cases Congress was paying double for the tours on which the congressmen are sent.

If congressmen use the official vehicles (4×4 Nissan Patrols) on weekends or for personal errands they should pay for their own gas. Drivers should only be used when on official work related business.

Congressmen receive 500 liters of gas per month and additional amounts for tours. In the past some members have taken advantage of the right to an official vehicle and abused the privilege, augmenting the cost of gasoline.

Justo Orozco used the car for cantonal assemblies for his own political party. José Joaquín Porras used his to send his personal driver to spend a night in Jaco Beach.

More recently, Abelino Esquivel traveled in an official car with a driver and the gasoline paid by Congress, from Limón to Puntarenas to attend a soccer game.

I guess 132 gallons a month is sometimes not enough.

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