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Say It Ain’t So! Costa Rica Destroys Over 500,000 Marijuana Plants

Costa Rica News – Did they destroy them or take them home? or both?

marijuana-plants costa rica 1Costa Rican authorities located and destroyed 521,860 marijuana plants in 48 plantations spanning over 36,234 square meters, a press release issued by the Interior ministry said on Thursday, August 10.

The crop was found during a raid in eastern mountainous areas inhabited by indigenous groups in several cities located in the province of Limón: Manzanillo, Turtle, Under Stone Meza, River Congo, Shörbata, Upper and Lower Bley, Rainbow, Seira, Cerro Papayo, and Monteverde.

A massive joint operation involving the Costa Rican narcotics police, the Border Police, the Police Intervention Unit, regular law enforcement officers, and the Air Surveillance Service lead the raid.

“The anti-drug effort achieved this time the erradication of 521,860 marijuana plants distributed across 48 plantations in an area of 36,234 square meters,” the Interior ministry said.

However, authorities did not report whether they had arrested any individuals linked to these crops.

The crop destruction comes after another anti-drug investigation on July 2, when police officers of Tortuguero and Border Police found two sacks with marijuana on the beach, a few meters from a boat.

After conducting a search in the surrounding area, the officers found two other packages with 49.84 kilos of mariuana.

On June 23, Costa Rican law enforcement also destroyed a nursery with 486 marijuana plants in Venice Osa (south of the country). Another 209 plants and 34 shrubs in drying process were found in an operation conducted by police officers alongside members of the local prosecutor’s office.

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