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“Saprissa Bus Crashes and Unfortunately the Entire Team Survived” – Ligista

Costa Rica News – For all those La Liga fans I guess you are going to be disappointed by this news.  

Saprissa-Bus Accident costa rica soccerA bus that was carrying Saprissa was involved in a strong collision with a car on the way back to San Jose. All of the team members and coaching staff are fine and no injuries were suffered by them.

Those in the car suffered some injuries but are now doing well. Firemen and the Red Cross assisted in getting the two adults and one child out of the car. Esteban Ramirez, a doctor, helped on the scene until the Red Cross arrived.

The bus was being guided along the road with protection ahead of it and behind it and the intersections closed. Two cars were at the intersection and the first one was told to stop but the second one went around and subsequently hit the bus.

A family member of the car’s driver explained that for some reason the driver thought that only the car in front of him was told to stop and that he did not also need to stop.

They were in a rush to a birthday celebration.

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