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Santa Rosa National Park Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – If you are looking for a nice place to travel to and visit in Costa Rica, you might want to check out Santa Rosa National Park. Daniel Janzen and his wife Winnie Hallwachs started a crusade over twenty years ago that resulted in an incredible gift to Costa Rica and the world.

Santa Rosa National Park protects and provides a mechanism for restoration of perhaps the only noteworthy tropical dry forest in the world that will outlive our generation. The main campsites at the headquarters and on Playa Naranjo serve as jumping off points for extended explorations. La Casona is an important historical landmark, and Witches Rock marks the site of a surfer’s paradise.

In nearby Puerto Viejo de Talamanca Reggae provides the backbeat along the beaches and main street of this Caribbean village. Peppery fresh fish dishes, coconut curries, and fragrant spiced breads fill your plate. Sloths, monkeys, and birds abound in Cahuita National Park and Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge up and down the coast respectively.

But it’s the Janzen / Hallwachs crusade which provides for the most amazing tourist destination – Santa Rosa National Park. Thei vision and hard work has resulted in a truly special location for those who visit Costa Rica, as well as for those Ticos and Ticas lucky enough to live here already.

Visit Santa Rosa when you get a chance.

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