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San Jose to Offer Free Art City Tour Tomorrow

Costa Rica Entertainment  – Art City Tour is one of my favorite activities in San Jose.

art city tour mainThis month, on the 15th, Art City Tour will offer free entrances to museums, galleries, designer shops, cultural centers and heritage buildings.

Those interested in art, history, architecture, or gastronomy will have a great night for sure. The activities span around the downtown area, from Escalante to Sabana. 1,500 people are expected to attend, being that schools are on vacation.

There have been 34 such tours since the cultural activity was started by GAM in 2010.

It’s the fourth edition this year. This one features 9 possible routes, including minibus, bicycle and walking options.

The biking option begins at 7. All other tours go from 5 to 9 pm and you can choose which sites most interest you and go at your own pace or you may prefer to go with a guided group put together by the National Cultural Center.

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