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San Jose Impacting New Development in Jaco

Costa Rica Real Estate News – Local tourism in Costa Rica is growing quickly.  With the Central Pacific now just 70 minutes away, locals are visiting the beach on a consistent basis.  This San Jose market continues to stimulate Jaco’s real estate development and it appears that we are in the very early stages before we see the San Jose and Jaco market merge closer.

Jaco Real Estate DevelopmentSo how will this local tourist market effect the Jaco area?

Examine the Central Valley area the over the last couple of years and you will observe a strong boom of commercial development with an emphasis on new big name hotels.  Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Wyndham, Hyatt, are just a few of many who have opened new hotels in throughout the San Jose area.  Large new malls, restaurants, commercial buildings, and many U.S. franchises also continue to be emerging the Central Valley.

The urban sprawl is happening and there are signs the next area to see similar development is the Jaco area.

Just in the past year, Jaco Beach has already seen the construction begin of two new hotels, while three oceanfront hotels were also purchased in that time.  Several brand new commercial buildings have recently been built on the main drag, while many storefronts continue to remodel.
With the demand from local tourism just 70 minutes away, look for the Jaco area to see many similar trends to what you are now seeing in the San Jose market.
If you have more interest in learning more about real estate and development in the Jaco area, please contact David Karr for an updated market report.
By David Karr

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