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San Jose Free Walking Tour

Costa Rica Tourism –  Behind the now very well known San Jose Free Walking Tour is Carlos Alfaro.

He realized San Jose was not more than a passage point in the eyes of thousands of tourists and locals alike.

Sightseeing was not popular at all in the capital until very recently. People thought there’s nothing to do, it’s boring. So after much research and hours with friends and contacts, the San Jose Free Walking Tour came about.

He found 5 sources of information for each stop on the tour so the information shared is reliable.

He did the first tour with friends and then offered it once a week and now it’s daily.

The hope is that the idea of “Chepe” will change. The tour leaves everyday at 9 am and lasts about three hours. It’s truly the best way to get to know the city.

500 people have enjoyed the tour so far, in English, Spanish and German.

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