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San Jose, Costa Rica Makes Top 20 Emerging Cities

Costa Rica News – San Jose made the list of the top 20 most important emerging cities of the whole world.

They are not listed in any particular order or rank. A total of 50 cities were considered for the list.

The most developed global cities within emerging markets were examined in a new strategic report titled Cities of the Future: champions within emerging markets, which was presented in August.

Costa Rica’s capital city stood out in aspects like a modern lifestyle, use of Internet, and high demand for quality products. Other aspects in consideration included telecommunications and travel systems as well as education.

Some other Latin American cities on the list include Santiago, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and São Paulo.

Despite being in underdeveloped regions, these 17 cities are characterized by elements of developed markets. Kuala Lumpur, Budapest, Warsaw, San Jose, Santiago, Dubai and Shanghai are cost-attractive options with great talent pools and quality of business.

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