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San Gerardo de Dota; Costa Rica Cloud Forest

Costa Rica Travel News – Everyone knows about the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica. What hardly anyone knows is that there is another cloud forest here that is even more virgin and more impressive, San Gerardo de Dota. In fact, it is the only place in the country to consistently see the famous “quetzales.”

san gerardo de dota 1Bird watchers fly here from all around the globe. There are thousands of hummingbirds! Woodpeckers are also frequently seen in San Gerardo. Over 200 species of birds are found in the misty forests, including tropical tanagers. For your best chance of seeing a quetzal visit in January, which is their mating season.

Don’t get stuck staring up into the trees to spot birds all day. There are adventurous animals hiding in the lower level of the forest. Coyotes and peccaries frequently come out to visit. Brightly spotted frogs may cross the trail right in front of your eyes!

The forest is full of moss, mist, oak trees, and an eco system full of tropical plants that may be new to you. This forest has a river running through it where you can try your hand at fishing. Another activity to try is ATV riding through the forest to the Naranjo Waterfalls. For a calmer option try a walking tour through a coffee plantation. They usually conclude with a taste test!

Impressive accommodations in the area include villas, hotels, and mountain lodges. All have vivacious views of the hills and plantations of the region. Some offer family style meals including locally grown fruits.

Being at an altitude of 7,000 feet gives you a new perspective. The air is fresher. Even the food and coffee tastes different. Make sure your trip itinerary includes a couple days off the beaten path in San Gerardo de Dota. It’s tucked away, cozy, and breathtaking.

Hotel Suria is recommended as one of the best restaurants in the area. One group ate almost every meal there; it must be amazing! Trogon Lodge is a perfect for nature lovers as the rustic lodge is on the highest peak. Dantica Cloud Forest Lodge eco-hotel is another great choice, offering private trails and tours.

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