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Sad Story; Costa Rica Sloth Loses Leg

Costa Rica News – A poor sloth suffered an electric shock. As a result of the power stroke, he, unfortunately, lost his leg.

The sloth was not only shocked but then ran over in Cariari de Pococi.

This terrible set of accidents happened two weeks ago. He underwent an amputation from his right foreleg. T

he injuries caused left the veterinarian specialists without any other option.

This report is confirmed by the Ministry of Environment and Energy in Pococi. They report, additionally, that the sloth will be monitored to see if it can return back to its normal life.

His health is stable but the vets are struggling to keep him this way. The recovery may take just a month or less but it is not yet clear whether he will re-enter life outside the zoo.

He may become an instrument for environmental education.

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