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Sabores Culinary Center Open Doors to a World of Flavor in Costa Rica

Italian , Japanese, Lebanese, Chinese, vegetarians and other dishes are to be put on display and satiate your palate, while you enter the world of culinary arts.  Your mouth will be watering as you watch the parade of exotic dishes and fine wines as you enjoy this activity at the Sabores Culinary Center, on Saturday August 11th and  18th, at noon. The Culinary Center is located  in Escazú, adjacent to EPA.

sabores costa ricaThese appetizing flavors do not have to only be a part of this event. You can transfer them to the kitchen of your own home. you will be able to speak to the chefs of Sabores , during the activity to pick up some of their secrets.

Lebanon, Japan and the romantic Italian cities can be your source of inspiration for the table, with free courses at the culinary event.

“We  invite all food lovers to shop around for the gastronomic center to learn about our modern facilities, offering international cuisine., We want you to know your choices about free cooking courses we offer for amateur and thematic classes ” details Miguel Barboza, editor of the journal Flavors .

Gustavo Villalobos, executive chef of Gourmet Taste Center, invites those who attend the open house to live the full experience of the kitchen technology, modern facilities, wine tasting, pastry and specialty dishes and international menus.

“Anyone who wants to learn, we’ll guide from scratch with the amateur courses. Within six months, they will know about 30 kinds of cooking recipes that can be applied to many different dishes, “he explained.

Both youth and adults interested in learning, in a sense, from the basics to advanced techniques in cooking, can enroll in three hours: morning, noon and night and Saturday morning and afternoon.

It is anticipated that in October, the center will add to their r environments with a shop and a terrace cafe.

“With premium facilities and equipment, students will have their own kitchen and professional team,” said Barboza.

There is also a modern module class bakery, pastry and baking, an auditorium full of wine tastings and other beverages, as well as television, where programs are recorded Sabores TV .

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