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S.Mckellar Luxury Luggage; Traveling in Style

Travel News – When it comes to luxury luggage, the luggage industry has been plagued by mediocrity. From formulaic designs with sub par quality, and unexceptional construction, these designer brands ride only on their former glory.  

s mckellar luxury luggage 1So many luxury luggage companies have been consolidated and turned into mass mechanized fashion labels under a a very corporate structure, beholden to their shareholders by maximizing profit at any cost.

Today very few still stand to offer the luxury, design, and quality that are fitting for the well traveled, who understand the art of living, and the style that personifies it.
That’s where S. Mckellar breaks the mold. S. Mckellar is a new exclusive luxury luggage company that thrives on an innovative new design. S. Mckellar is sleek with bold details and at the same time retain a classic polished elegance. This harmonious balance of design exudes a truly stylish product. The owner, Stefan Mckellar, has traveled the world to perfect his luxury luggage line. Among his findings was that Italy was the best source for his choice in the finest quality leather.
He then hand selected the finest leathers from the knowledge acquired of the best tooled leather craftsman; Artisans that have been producing leathers for centuries.
Attention to detail is paramount to Mckellar’s brand identity.  Each piece of hardware has been hand selected and engraved to add further refinement for a truly unique presentation.
Stefan Mckellar has been developing his product for three years in order to achieve his vision of luxury; that is produced by only the finest quality manufacturers.
If you care to “travel often and travel in style”, these products can be found at select retailers or can be seen at
By Nicholas Engel

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