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Ryan Sheckler Foundation Donates Skate Park to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The Ryan Sheckler Foundation has donated a skate park to Costa Rica.

foto Rafael Murillo

The famous skater, along with 200 volunteers, arrived in the country to finish the work. People of all ages joined the skateboarding party held this weekend.

The final cost of creating the park was $53,000 which was raised by Ryan Sheckler’s foundations and Journey Glasswing and Red Bull. This will be a pillar of healthy entertainment in the community.

There were lines of fans waiting for Ryan to sign their skateboards, hats or shirts as well as to get selfies with the star.

Ryan has always used his fame to convey messages of awareness and support for children with cancer and autism.

He stresses that those in the skate scene are all a family and must treat each other as such, by spreading love and a happy, free spirit.

Ryan loves the energy and Pura Vida attitude he finds in Costa Rica.

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