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Ryan Lochte Interview (Video)

World News – With everything that is going on in Boston and West Texas, I needed something to brighten my day and put a huge smile on my face.  This interview with Ryan Lochte about his reality TV show did it for me. By the end I was nearly crying from laughter.

ryan lotche interview video 1There are people that are going to say that this was rude of the anchors to make fun of him like this.

I agree it was a bit unprofessional but what are me exposing our society to when people like this on their reality TV shows are what our children look up to?

Watch the news team laugh after a painfully slow, awkwardly dim interview with Olympic Swimmer turned reality TV star Ryan Lochte.

His new show “What Would Lochte Do?” is soon to debut on E!

From Snookie to Kim Kardashian to this….it is no wonder society is dumbing down.

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