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Russians Hack Webcams & Into The Lives of Close to 100 Costa Ricans

Costa Rica News – How would you like someone watching you on your home webcam? I  know that I would feel like my personal space had been violated.  

webcam hack costa ricaPasswords are nothing new, so why are we still bad at making them secure? Admin, password and 12345 should not cross your mind when thinking of a password. With weak passwords, anyone can get into your personal files or worse.

A group of Russian hackers gained control of webcams in 100 countries, issued a signal and what the cameras saw went live on an Australian website. The site was taken down on Thursday.

Before it was taken down, the whole world got a glimpse into homes and businesses. The owners had no idea that their world was being seen by others.

Some scenes showed dogs playing in a garden and workers filling refrigerators. Others were more intrusive, like babies’ bedrooms.

There were 4,600 cameras streaming live onto the site from the US, 2,000 from France and about 100 from Costa Rica.

To avoid dangerous situations like this, choose passwords that combine letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase and a symbol.


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