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Russian Military Presence in Nicaragua?

Costa Rica News – Anyone out there putting on their tinfoil hat? I am sure the USA will have a big stink about this if it happens, which is not understandable since the US places it’s troops wherever it wants.  That being said Russia with the obvious animosity between Obama and Putin possibly putting more military in the Western Hemisphere has opened some eyes.

nicaraguan military russiaCosta Rica’s Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo has recently conveyed worries in that he believes that Nicaragua is potentially “entering into a relationship of military dependency with Russia.”

During an interview that was published on May 4th in “La Nacion”, Castillo stated that “Russia is facilitating the arming of Nicaragua — ships — and they have spoken about buying jets and other weapons.”

Recently, Costa Rica and Nicaragua have had both border disputes and other disagreements that have been brought before the International Court of Justice.

In April, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega claimed Nicaragua is “dedicated to further strengthening as well as modernizing the country’s army” using the assistance of any other nation prepared to supply support.

Russia’s ambassador in Managua verified that Russia would like to construct a military resupply base in Nicaragua.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu claims Russia is contemplating whether or not to augment their military presence in Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela. The defense minister visited Nicarauga last week.

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