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Route 32 in Costa Rica is Going to Get Bigger

Costa Rica News – Route 32 will have its expansion in 2017, well at least that is when it will begin, and fill be accomplished by a Chinese company.

route 32 costa ricaThis is a good thing as if it was done by Costa Rica it would be finished somewhere in between 2020 and 2080.

The expansion to will be to 4 lanes for 107 kilometers between Rio Frio and the center of the Limon province. It is set to begin the second quarter of 2017.

At least that is the plan of Carlos Villalta, Minister of Public Works and Transport.

However they are still waiting to obtain the environmental viability of the National Environmental Technical Secretariat (SETENA), in order  to start the work.

The SETENA permit process began July 20th.

Setena said the environmental impact study presented by the National Roads Authority for construction, is being analyzed and will take up to two months to complete.

After the permits are granted, the next step would be for the Chinese construction company in charge of the work to develop the designs which will take around 8 months.

The MOPT minister was optimistic to meet the deadlines, which would be a first for Costa Rica.

The road improvements are vital to the operation of the new Moin Container Terminal, which would be opened in January 2018.


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