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Ropa Americana Stores in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – American clothing stores are categorized in a world of their own, a cornerstone of modern Costa Rican culture that’s hard to describe.

Anyone who’s lived in Costa Rica a while is accustomed to the music and vibe of these “Ropa Americanas.”

We are also used to the “smell of American clothes.”

What I know is these clothes don’t smell like that in America. Is it a chemical they use on the clothes while importing them or displaying them?

The prices are so cheap that it gives all of us, rich and poor, the chance to wear brand name clothes. In the world of such a thrift store we are all igual, searching through the same bins for a good find.

We buy garments for less than the cost of a burger with regularity.

The clothes come from the US and Canada. People donate clothes they no longer use for whatever reason to Goodwill and the Salvation Army, organizations that help those in need. They sell the donated clothing to intermediaries who export and market the products abroad.

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