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Roles of Men & Women in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Each culture has roles each of the sexes play. Of course, people break out of the traditional roles but these stereotypes don’t come out of nowhere. They are based on the reality the majority of the people in the country experience.

mama's boy costa ricaIn Costa Rica the relationship between men and women has changed over the past 500 years. Spanish and Native cultures have become mixed to a point of inseparability. Generally, men are complimented for being manly and macho while women are praised for being gentle and delicate.

In parks you will often see families where the men are unobservant of their kids and the women take care of the kids and the men.

The younger generations are seeing this behavior as fake and non-romantic. Some see it as done out of fear, as domestic violence is on the rise in the country. The young educated middle class is breaking away from stereotypic roles.

Flirting is a pastime in Costa Rica. It’s like an art. Women wear tight clothing and high boots. Men whistle and shout at them. Some men continue this behavior after marriage and it leads to affairs.

An astounding 25% of kids born in Costa Rica are born outside of marriage or from extramarital affairs…and you wonder why so many women in Costa Rica and raising their children alone.

The result? A society of mama’s boys and women that see men as dogs…..

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