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Robotics Lab Opens for Costa Ricans

Costa Rica News – A laboratory designs tools to make robotics accessible to Costa Ricans.

LEAD Inventoria, in Rohrmoser, has various initiatives approaching digital manufacturing.

The open space allows for prototyping, testing ideas and sharing knowledge.

RobotKit is a robotics kit appropriate for all. It is a simple robot that helps one explore reflex acts, planning and artificial intelligence. They also offer the Science and Art Kit: Circuit Playground.

This one is more educational in nature.

In a classroom you may learn about a robot and go home empty handed. The idea here is that the technology goes home with people and becomes part of Tico culture. The kit costs about $60.

The kits are sold on a page called CR Cybernetics.

The robots can be used for various tasks such as making shoes make noise with every step, measuring movement and soil moisture and temperature, and having the machine learn to recognize different sounds.

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