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Robin Williams Sent Final Message to Mom With Terminal Cancer (Video)

World News – Robin Williams brought joy to others even as his darkest days loomed, according to an intimate video of the late actor that surfaced Sunday.

After receiving a devastating cancer diagnosis in January, New Zealander Vivian Waller compiled a bucket list: She wanted to marry her partner, Jack. She wanted to see her daughter, Sophie, turn 1. And she wanted to meet Williams, her favorite movie star.

When Williams eventually caught word of Waller’s wish — and learned she had become too ill to travel — he recorded a touching message of hope (and humor) for the family, the Sunday Star Times reports.

“Hey, girl. What’s going on down there in New Zealand?” Williams is seen asking in the short video, putting on a thick Kiwi accent. Switching to his real voice, he continues: “Sending all my love to you, Jack, and Sophie. Mark this off your bucket list.”

Williams couldn’t resist throwing in one more impression: “It’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right,” he jokes, channeling Matthew McConaughey’s chillaxed Southern twang. In conclusion, Williams says, “Much love to you, baby” and blows a kiss to the camera.

Waller, seen with 1-year-old Sophie in a July photo posted to the family’s Facebook page, now is in hospice care for terminal lung, bowel and liver cancer. (An online fundraiser is under way to help pay for her medical bills and Sophie’s future care.)

Jack Waller told the Sunday Star Times that while his ailing wife hasn’t been informed about Williams’ suicide, he decided to go public with the star’s personal message so fans would remember Williams as the family knew him.

“We love him; we want to show people how awesome a person he was.”

Erin Quinlan, TODAY contributor

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