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Robber Gets Trapped Between Glass Doors Inside Citizens Bank – FAIL

Well this is one thing you do not have to worry about if you plan on robbing a bank in Costa Rica.  All you have to take care of here is the security guard getting paid about $2 an hour and would actually let him hold his gun if you asked. (Seen it Happen) and the police that are always at least 20 minutes to 45 minutes away. Get away cars in CR are probably optional as you have time to catch a bus if needed. Anyway I digress. 

A suspected bank robber was arrested and taken to a hospital Thursday morning after getting trapped and finding himself unable to leave the building in Lawrenceville.

The man got stuck between the double glass doors at Citizens Bank on Butler Street when an employee hit a switch to activate that built-in safety measure shortly after 9 a.m.

“I always get annoyed by these double doors, because they’re just frustrating,” said Cynthia Horn, of Lawrenceville. “But now I see the point, so that’s pretty cool.”

Thick, black tape now covers a shattered portion of the front glass. Witnesses said the man was banging on it, trying to get out, and he left blood marks on both the glass and the floor.

“He’s crazy. I mean, he couldn’t have got out, so why bang your head or beat on the door? He’s crazy for trying to rob a bank anyway,” said Rose Steiner, of Lawrenceville.

Had the robber taken a closer look as he went inside, he would have seen a notice in green letters on the front door: “Enter one adult at a time. This ACU door is a protection against robberies.”

Another sign higher up on the front glass says, “WARNING This property is protected against robberies by an access control unit.”

Pittsburgh police have only identified the robbery suspect as a 27-year-old man from McKees Rocks.

I guess reading was not this robbers best class in school.


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